Frequently Asked Questions

If you're storing seeds at room temperature, you can expect them to last approximately 3-5 years, while still retaining good germination rates, as long as they are protected from light and moisture. To ensure your seeds remain viable beyond that, the best method is to store them in the refrigerator or freezer in containers that protect them from moisture. In this case, there have been studies where seeds achieved high germination rates after as many as 20 years or more, and there is evidence that they can last longer as long as they are properly stored. Basically you will want to protect them from 3 things: Light, Heat, and Moisture. (Our seeds come packed in sealed bags with silica gel packets to further protect against moisture). Here is an article on our site that has more detailed information about seed storage:

The best methods to store seeds are in your refrigerator or freezer. Read our Seed Storage Blog for details.

Yes, our seeds are packed fresh and tested each season to ensure high germination rates.

No, all of our seeds are untreated and not coated with any chemicals.

Currently, we are only set up to sell our 125 and 50-variety packs, although we are looking at selling smaller kits in the near future.

Yes, if you click on our 125-Variety Kit and the 50-Variety Kit and then scroll down, you will see a complete list of varieties.

Currently we are shipping all orders within 1 business day, and often orders are shipped the same day, if placed by 1:00 PM.