Heirloom Tomato Garden

Introducing our Heirloom Tomato Garden - a special curated collection of ten premium and rare tomato varieties, handpicked for their exceptional quality and unique characteristics. Each variety in this collection brings its own story and flavor to the table. From the deep, complex flavor of Ukrainian Purple to the sweet, tangy burst of Tiny Tim Yellow, every tomato in this garden is a testament to the beauty and diversity of heirloom varieties. Orders ship within 1 business day.

  • 100% Non-GMO / 100% Non-Hybrid / Open Pollinated
  • High Germination rates / 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • 10 varieties of heirloom tomatoes.
  • Comes packed in a moisture-proof, resealable mylar bag for storage.
  • Seeds are packed fresh and tested each season to ensure high germination rates.
  • Family-owned business located in Cave Springs, Arkansas


10 Variety Tomato Seed List

Beefsteak Red 25 91%
Big Rainbow 25 94%
Homestead 24 25 94%
Money Maker 25 94%
Patio Orange 25 94%
Pruden’s Purple 25 94%
Red Cherry Large 25 94%
Red Pear 25 90%
Tiny Tim Yellow 25 92%
Ukrainian Purple 25 92%


1. Beefsteak Red: Classic beefsteak variety with juicy, meaty flesh. Ideal for sandwiches and fresh eating. Indeterminate growth.

2. Big Rainbow: Colorful, bi-colored fruits with sweet, tangy flavor. Large slicing tomatoes. Indeterminate vines.

3. Homestead 24: Compact, determinate plants yield medium-sized, flavorful red tomatoes. Well-suited for canning and preserving.

4. Money Maker: High-yielding, disease-resistant plants produce medium-sized, flavorful red tomatoes. Great for slicing and salads. Indeterminate vines.

5. Patio Orange: Compact plants produce small, flavorful orange tomatoes. Perfect for patio containers and small gardens. Determinate growth.

6. Pruden’s Purple: Large, meaty tomatoes with a balanced, sweet flavor. Excellent for slicing and canning. Indeterminate growth habit.

7. Red Cherry Large: Abundant clusters of large, sweet cherry tomatoes. Perfect for snacking and salads. Indeterminate vines.

8. Red Pear: Teardrop-shaped, deep red fruits with sweet flavor. Great for salads and preserves. Indeterminate vines.

9. Tiny Tim Yellow: Compact plants yield small, sweet, yellow cherry tomatoes. Perfect for containers and small spaces. Determinate variety.

10. Ukrainian Purple: Robust, deep-purple fruits with rich flavor. Ideal for slicing or sauces. Indeterminate vine.