25 Variety - Heirloom Seed Kit

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This home garden seed kit includes 25 varieties of vegetables that are individually packaged inside a resealable, moisture proof package for long-term storage. This wide assortment of heirloom seeds covers all seasons and every USDA Hardiness Zone, and is perfect for gardeners, preppers, and survivalists. (Scroll down to view list of varieties).

  • 100% Non-GMO / 100% Non-Hybrid / Open Pollinated
  • High Germination rates / 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • 25 varieties of vegetables that are easy to grow in most latitudes and climates.
  • Comes packed in a moisture-proof, resealable mylar bag for storage.
  • Includes digital planting guide for all varieties.
  • Seeds are packed fresh and tested each season to ensure high germination rates.
  • Family-owned business located in Cave Springs, Arkansas

100% NON-GMO

Heirloom Seeds

High Germ. %

Long Shelf Life

Grown in the USA

Start Your Own Homestead Garden

Provide for Your Family with tasty, nutritious Heirloom Vegetables, Fruits, & Herbs from Your Own Garden, for years to come. This kit includes a carefully selected assortment of 25 varieties that are relatively easy to grow in most latitudes and climates.

Plan for the Future

Store this seed kit for many years down the road, in case of food shortages. Read our Seed Storage Tips for best storage practices.

All Natural Heirloom Seeds

All of the seeds that we sell are untreated (not coated with fungicides or insecticides) and are Non-GMO / Non-Hybrid. We do not knowingly buy or sell genetically engineered seeds.

25 Variety Seed List

BEET Cylindra 150 87%
BROCCOLI Green Sprouting 100 90%
CABBAGE Copenhagen Mkt 100 85%
CANTALOUPE Hale's Best Jumbo 50 88%
CARROT Scarlet Nantes 500 87%
CAULIFLOWER Snowball Y 100 85%
COLLARDS Georgia Southern 300 85%
CUCUMBER Marketmore 50 91%
DILL Mammoth 100 85%
EGGPLANT Black Beauty 50 85%
LETTUCE Black Seeded Simpson 500 85%
LETTUCE Oak Leaf 500 85%
OKRA Clemson Spineless 50 87%
ONION Wht Sweet Spanish 200 85%
PEPPER California Wonder 75 85%
RADISH Cherry Bell 200 90%
RUTABAGA American Purple Top 400 91%
SPINACH Bloomsdale 100 87%
SQUASH Early Straight Neck 25 87%
SQUASH Table Queen 25 85%
SWISS CHARD Ruby Red 75 88%
TOMATO Beefsteak Red 50 88%
TOMATO Floradade 50 88%
TURNIP Purple Top Wht Globe 400 88%
WATERMELON Crimson Sweet 25 95%